12. December 2022
Our paper titled "Hidden in Plain Sight: Can German Wiktionary and Wordnets Facilitate the Detection of Antithesis?" has been accepted at the Global Wordnet Conference (GWC), which will be held from the 23. -27.01.23 in Donostia, Spain

01. December 2022
Ramona Kühn presented her current work at the event KI Campus Ostbayern: AI-Talk for PhDs and doctoral candidates, she also helped with organizing.

24. October 2022
Our paper with the title "Towards A Unified Multilingual Ontology For Rhetorical Figures" has been presented at the KEOD conference in Valletta

11. October 2022
Jelena Mitrović presented the paper "Open Web Search for AI and NLP in Europe" at the OSSYM symposium (CERN, Geneva)

22. September 2022
The project officially kicked off in Berlin!

19. September 2022
Our paper titled "A Concept for Automated Polarized Web Content Annotation based on Multimodal Active Learning" has been presented at the European Conference on Machine Learning and Principles and Practice of Knowledge Discovery in Databases (ECML PKDD 2022). Read the paper here.

15. September 2022
Our PhD student Ramona Kühn is involved in the organisation of a PhD workshop in Regensburg at the 1st December 2022. Invited are PhD students from the Eastern Bavarian universities working on in the filed of artificial intelligence. More information and registration.

09. August 2022
We are very excited to share that the CAROLL Group and the Chair of Data Science are part of the new OpenWebSearch.EU project. Over the next three years, we will develop the core of a European Open Web Index (OWI) as a basis for a new Internet Search in Europe. Read more about our involvement here.

23. June 2022
Dr. Jelena Mitrović is an invited speaker at the 8th International ScaDS.AI Summer School 2022 where she will give a lecture on the ‘Computational Rhetoric Approach to Solving Complex NLP Tasks’ on July 12th.

23. June 2022
Ramona Kühn presented our paper "GRhOOT: Ontology of Rhetorical Figures in German" at the LREC2022 conference .

29. April 2022
Dr. Jelena Mitrović gave a talk on the research we do in our CAROLL group at the AI Seminar of the Czech Institute of Informatics, Robotics and Cybernetics.

08. April 2022
Dr. Jelena Mitrović gave a talk at the PasDas Symposium.

04. March 2022
Dr. Jelena Mitrović is an invited speaker at the PasDas Summit 2022 where she will give a talk on ‘Abusive Language Detection in Social Media’ and also present our research group CAROLL.

10. January 2022
Ramona Kühn presented on the 10th January 2022 the Poster Computational Rhetoric in Social Media and Law - CAROLL on the 2022 All-Hands-Meeting of the BMBF-funded AI Research Projects that was hosted by the Munich Center for Machine Learning.

28. September 2021
In a collaboration between Data Science Chair/CAROLL (with Prof.Dr. Michael Granitzer, Dr. Jelena Mitrovic, Mehdi Ben Amor), Regiothek (with Alexander Treml, Bastian Kühnel, Britta Biskup), and CENTOURIS (with Franziska Kellener, Dr. Stefan Mang, Judith von Minden), the project ‘SMAEG Bot für regionale Lebensmittel’ officialy started and is funded by the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture BMEL. The project aims to make the market for regional food products more transparent and to reduce the marketing effort for the involved parties. Link to the press release.

06. July 2021
Dr. Jelena Mitrović gave a talk about Neural Language Models for Abusive Language Detection at The AI Seminar organized by the Mathematical Institure of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts.

22. June 2021
Dr. Jelena Mitrović gave a Keynote Speech at The French-German Summerschool on AI with Industry 2021 organized by the University of Passau, Ecole Normale Supérieure Paris-Saclay and with the support from Siemens AI Lab.

21. June 2021
Ramona Kühn and Tobias Milz submitted two posters on their research, Fantastic Figures and How To Find Them and Analysis of a German Legal Citation Network, in the context of the 2021 French-German Summer-school on Artificial Intelligence with Industry.

28. April 2021
Dr. Jelena Mitrović has participated in 10 Minuten Soziologie zum Thema Stress, 10 Minuten Rechtswissenschaft zum Thema Digitalisierung. For the recorded session, use this link.

19. March 2021
Our Paper Automated identification of bias inducing words in news articles using linguistic and context-oriented features was accepted for publication at the Information Processing and Management Journal.

05. March 2021
Our Paper Multi-word Expressions for Abusive Language Detection in Serbian was accepted for publication at the MWE-LEX Workshop, collocated with COLING.

22. January 2021
Our paper Towards Classifying Parts of German Legal Writing Styles in German Legal Judgments was accepted for publication at the ACIT 2020 IEEE conference.

21. January 2021
Our paper Language Proficiency Scoring was accepted for publication at the LREC 2020 conference in the the first edition of the REPROLANG track.

16. January 2021
Our paper I Feel Offended, Don’t Be Abusive! Implicit/Explicit Messages in Offensive and Abusive Language was accepted at theMain track of the LREC 2020 conference. The corresponding dataset can be found in the GitHub repository.

08. December 2020
Our paper was accepted for publication at the ICAART 2020 conference Cognitive Modeling in Computational Rhetoric: Litotes, Containment and the Unexcluded Middle, Jelena Mitrović, Cliff O’Reilly, Randy Allen Harris, Michael Granitzer

30. November 2020
A written article on CAROLL by Katrina Jordan that was published on Research in Bavaria and idw-Informationsdienst Wissenschaft.

19. November 2020
CAROLL research group leader Prof. Dr. Mitrović did an interview with the University’s Digital Research Magazine.

19. Juni 2020
An article by the Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and DLR Projektträger on the Promotion of Women in AI with an overview of all the projects supported by this movement.