Open Theses topics

  • Topic 1: Micro Incident Detection (PDF)

You will have the chance to work on the state-of-the-art problems and topics in Natural Languague Processing. You will be involved in determining the important and interesting research questions, designing and creating the experimental setups and contributing in publications.

Finished Master Theses

Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Jelena Mitrović, Prof. Dr. Michael Granitzer

  • Muhammed Zohaib Khan - Comparing the Performance of NLP Toolkits and Evaluation Measures in Legal Tech, defended on 01.03.2021.
  • Shrikanth Singh Balaji Singh, Comparison of Transfer Learning - based Language Models for Legal Document Classification, defended on 25.03.2021.
  • Ehab Hussein, Neural Models for Offensive Language Detection, defended on 25.03.2021.

Master projects for University of Passau students

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Bsc / Master students from elsewhere

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